Venture Capital & Private Equity Transactions

Every great business in the marketplace today got to where it is thanks to its initial investors. If you are looking for financing options to launch your startup, Primum Law Group’s business contract lawyers in San Francisco can help.

We are experienced startup lawyers in San Francisco and have helped companies just like yours secure the capital needed to grow and thrive. Before you solicit investments from individuals and organizations, it is crucial to have the proper documents and strategic planning in place. With our help, you can have everything locked down and clearly outlined, so that your lenders are comfortable knowing that you have thought through your strategies, envisioned the future strength and growth of your business, and taken the time to plan with expert legal counsel.

There are many different fundraising techniques that are employed today. Depending on your unique business structure and vision for the business, we can counsel you on the best ones to use to get the seed money you require. Your investors want to see airtight contracts and a solid strategic and operational business plan – all of which Primum Law Group’s attorneys put together with you. We can guide you through preparation and negotiation of a variety of funding structures, including:

  • SAFE agreement
  • KISS agreement
  • Convertible note
  • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
  • Series A, B, C and Seed funding
  • Crowdfunding

When you need the expertise and guidance of one of the best business law firms in San Francisco, reach out to Primum Law Group and set up your initial consultation. We always work hard to help you secure the financing you need to make your business dreams a reality.

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