Corporate Governance and Compliance

Without the right structure and attention to regulatory details, your company will not survive. Here at Primum Law Group, our corporate governance compliance lawyer is familiar with all the pieces that need to be in place for your business to be successful. Too often, entrepreneurs are not aware of all the legal requirements for new companies in California and leave themselves exposed to governmental interference and economic penalties. If you want to create an airtight company that runs smoothly and safely, our San Francisco corporate governance lawyers are here to help. Our attorney will work hard to make sure your business is protected.

PLG Is the New Business Specialist

Primum Law Group specializes in the formation of new businesses; therefore, we can offer counsel on matters like building your board of directors, organizing stock options and shareholder rights, and outlining fiduciary duty and proxy contests.

We stay up to date on all the economic and legal regulations and their interpretations. We create policies and procedures that make sure you are always operating in the clear, and safe from challenges. Most companies try to avoid compliance violations; working with the right corporate governance lawyer gives you the best chance of maintaining a clean company record.

When you want an experienced hand to assist you with your company’s structure and policies, and forge a foundation of integrity, transparency, and social responsibility for your business, come to us at Primum Law Group. We promise to work hard for you and put all the odds for a long and prosperous future in your favor!

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