About Us

Whether looking to bring your international business to the United States or growing your U.S.-based business at home or abroad, our experienced corporate lawyers offer practical and strategic advice to achieve your goals. The lawyers at Primum Law Group understand the nuance and cultural challenges that can appear when working with stakeholders in multiple countries. And we know how to set a solid legal foundation from which to grow an enterprise.

U.S. Expansion

We deliver corporate planning and transactional guidance with strategy and sensitivity that bridges cultures and a global perspective that mitigates risk while maximizing value.

Our international corporate practice combines legal acumen with cross-cultural capabilities enhanced by an extensive international network. This foundation helps Primum Law Group be an efficient legal partner for companies entering the U.S. market that do not have resources to navigate the processes with their own in-house legal teams or the budgets to engage big-name law firms.

Whether entering the U.S. market to accelerate growth, gain access to capital or position for a strategic acquisition, our lawyers partner with clients to deliver custom legal solutions that support desired outcomes.

Corporate Growth and Governance

Primum is a partner facilitating our clients’ business success. We work with many different kinds of companies, but we have a special appreciation for the complex legal issues facing companies in technology sectors, ranging from the ethical development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to trade issues related to the export of sensitive technologies and intellectual capital.

We not only advise on business transactions, securities, corporate formation and governance matters, but we use our attorneys’ considerable business experience to provide strategic legal advice and assistance in a full range of business negotiations and operations.

Our practice is informed by a deep understanding of the fast-paced, venture-fueled U.S. tech business lifecycle; extensive legal, regulatory and operational experience; and the project management skills needed to bring these pieces together efficiently.

For Startups

Based in San Francisco and with deep connections throughout Silicon Valley, the Bay Area and beyond, we are dedicated to helping small and startup businesses navigate today’s competitive environment.

By bringing experienced legal counsel onboard early in the development of a new business venture, entrepreneurs and company founders can avoid potentially catastrophic missteps.

The firm provides startups and small businesses with top-ranked attorneys offering high-caliber legal services at a reasonable cost. In addition to legal expertise, the firm’s small business attorneys in San Francisco have considerable business experience – allowing them to provide clients not only with proactive legal risk management, but also with expert advice and assistance vis-à-vis numerous business matters.

Primum helps its clients manage costs and avoid potential problems before they arise – and delivers these key services at a rate that clients can afford. We help clients in legal areas such as:

  • Entity formation and corporate governance
  • Financial issues including capitalization and debt and equity financing
  • Issues related to director and officer liability
  • Securities regulation
  • Employment matters
  • Other legal matters

The firm also routinely negotiates contracts of all sorts on our clients’ behalf – obtaining for them both more favorable terms, as well as better legal protection than they might have achieved without our help. We are a true partner positioning our clients for success.

Learn more about our startup counseling services.

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