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Learning Corporate Governance from “Silicon Valley”: A Legal Perspective for Startup Founders

The Art of Strategy: A Lesson from Silicon Valley

In the first episode of Silicon Valley, the main character faced a pivotal moment when he received two offers from different investors, one to buy his business and another offering $200,000 for a 5% stake in the company. The rejection of one of these investors turned out to cause a larger problem for the startup.

Why did this happen? Because the founder did not think about his strategy. He was a talented engineer who was excited to create unique technology, he knew that he needed an investment, but never thought through the process.

Does this sound familiar?

With over two decades of experience in the legal field, I’ve realized the immense value in understanding my clients’ vision and strategic plans. This understanding allows me to be more effective and resourceful in serving their needs.

In my daily interactions with founders and entrepreneurs, I make it a point to inquire about their vision, even when engaged in tasks as seemingly small as company formation. Some might question why lawyers should delve into business plans and strategic visions during the formation stage. I explain that setting up the right foundation is crucial, as changing the structure later can be costly and even trigger tax implications. Legal considerations, often overlooked at the early stages of a company, can have a significant impact.

Drawing from experiences and insights, I emphasize that questions about growth, exit strategies, and financial decisions should be addressed before seeking investors. Understanding whether one aims for rapid growth, a quick technology sale, or early acquisition provides clarity on approaching potential investors effectively. It is about knowing if you want a quick injection of capital or a long-term strategic partnership.

By answering these critical questions, entrepreneurs can tailor their presentations to investors, aligning with their vision and ultimately achieving their goals. It is a crucial step before embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship laying the foundation for success.

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