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What Does Outsourced General Counsel Do For Your Business?

You may not have the resources to hire a full-time attorney, or you may not want to commit to bringing on a permanent staff member. Nevertheless, your business will still have a need for legal help that does not go away and may grow as you get bigger. An outsourced general counsel will perform the same functions while allowing your business to stick to your budget and resources.

An outside general counsel can be a partner to your business. They would perform largely the same functions as they would if they were on your staff. Your lawyer would get to know your company and needs and anticipate the legal issues that you may face. If you need to work with other specialized attorneys, your outsourced general counsel can communicate with them and help obtain more effective services for you.

You would still be building out your legal function while controlling your costs. You can still have an attorney, even if you only need them part-time. Instead of seeking a different lawyer when you need help, you would work with the same person who has a regular role working for your company.  They will be the point of contact for your legal issues, and they will work on a set cost basis. Building a relationship with the same person will assist them in more effectively counseling you. The outsourced general counsel will take difficult work off your plate and allow you to focus on generating revenue and other things that you do best.

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