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Common Compliance Issues for Businesses

Businesses have an ongoing obligation to comply with various federal and state rules. The failure to live up to these obligations could lead to enforcement actions or lawsuits. Here are some of the areas that businesses must focus on in their continuing compliance efforts.

One of the main areas of compliance involves labor. Businesses must follow anti-discrimination laws. In addition, there are wage and labor requirements that govern how businesses pay their employees. If they misclassify their employees as independent contractors or fail to pay overtime, they could be sued.

Businesses also have workplace safety rules that they need to follow. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes numerous standards that touch upon nearly all areas of the worker experience. OSHA conducts inspections, both based on complaints and information that it learns. The agency can issue fines.

A growing area that businesses must track is privacy regulations. If they maintain any personnel or customer data, they can face serious issues if they fail to safeguard the information. Companies must have policies and procedures in place in case they are inspected or sued.

Finally, businesses must also track environmental regulations. If they pollute or discharge harmful substances into the environment, they can face enforcement actions that could lead to large liability. There are federal laws that force polluters to pay for cleanup costs and damage to the environment.

Compliance obligations are continuously changing. If businesses fail to keep track of these rules, they can face consequences. Not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse when there is a lawsuit or investigation.

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