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Top Legal Concerns for Startups in 2022

Every new business owner has legal concerns – and if they do not, they are likely in violation of the law or otherwise harming their chances of success. Below are some top concerns for current startups, and no one should ever hesitate to seek direct legal advice from a San Francisco business lawyer.

Incorporating a business – A lot of work goes into the incorporation of a business, and you want to make sure you incorporate it at the right time. A lawyer can provide counsel on when and how to incorporate.

Intellectual property protections – Whether it involves copyrights, patents, provisional patents, trademarks, or trade secrets, business owners should never ignore or delay seeking IP protections. Doing so can risk your startup’s most valuable assets. Our lawyers can advise on the right protections to pursue.

Owner agreements – Whether you have a partnership or an LLC with multiple owners, never delay in having a business attorney draft an owner agreement. These business entities are not required by law to have such agreements, but they always should have them in place before they start operations.

Employment concerns – If you need to hire employees from the start, you will need to comply with all relevant employment laws. These can involve payroll, anti-discrimination laws, benefit laws, and more. Having only one or two employees does not excuse you from full compliance.

Never Wait to Consult with a California Startup Counseling Attorney

If you are starting a business, you should set up a consultation with Primum Law Group as soon as possible. We walk entrepreneurs through the process of starting their companies with full legal compliance and the greatest chance of success from a legal standpoint. Contact us to learn more about our startup counseling services for all types of California businesses.

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