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Are Your Contracts Airtight?

All businesses engage in transactions based on agreements with other parties, and in the large majority of cases, these agreements should be memorialized in written contracts. However, just because you write something down and sign it does not mean that your business is protected. If the terms of your contract are not airtight, you could face liability or losses that could threaten to tank your business.

Have a Lawyer Draft and Negotiate Your Contracts

Many companies use the same boilerplate contracts repeatedly without realizing this is putting them at risk. Contracts that are not carefully drafted and tailored to the specific situation can lead to disputes, which can eat up your resources quickly. It is important to have a San Francisco business transaction lawyer examine the deal and draft a contract that properly protects your rights.

If the other party presents your company with an already-written contract, you should have a skilled lawyer review it for possible unfavorable terms. Such terms can be difficult to identify, as they are often hidden within pages of legalese. Even the savviest business owners can miss a provision that puts their stake in the transaction at risk.

If your attorney identifies terms that are not in your favor, they can negotiate with the other parties to ensure you both fully agree to all the specifications of the contract. Once you know that the terms are airtight and provide adequate protection, you can move forward with the transaction with confidence instead of concern.

Speak with a Bay Area Business Transactions Attorney

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