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Resolving Contract Disputes

Businesses rely on contracts to operate. Owners and agents of a company enter into many different types of agreements, and adherence to these agreements by all parties is essential for everyone to benefit as they should. However, in some cases, parties can disagree about certain terms of a contract, or one party may accuse the other of breaching the contract.

Contract disputes can arise for different reasons, including ambiguous terms of the contract, misunderstanding obligations under the contract, or a party not being able to fulfill their end of the bargain. A dispute can result in losses or liability for your company, so it is important to seek assistance from a business transactions lawyer in San Francisco who can help resolve the matter efficiently and effectively.

There are different ways the right legal advocate can help resolve a contract dispute, including:

  • Informal negotiations with the other party to interpret contract terms and find mutually beneficial solutions
  • Mediation or arbitration, which might be required under the terms of the agreement
  • Filing a breach of contract lawsuit in civil court

Many contract disputes can be resolved without litigation, and this is often preferable and can keep the agreement in place. However, some conflicts escalate and cannot be negotiated out of court, so you might need to bring a claim or defend against a claim. It is critical to have an experienced business litigator on your side in case your dispute ends up in court.

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