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The Benefits of a Formal Business Entity

You do not have to take any formal steps with the state to begin conducting business. Many people simply begin offering a service, and start receiving money in exchange for that service. You could continue operations as a sole proprietor (one owner) or general partnership (more than one owner) indefinitely. There is no requirement to ever create a formal business entity with the State of California.

However, should you consider a formal business entity? There are benefits to doing so for many company owners, and the process can be simplified by seeking the help of a small business lawyer in San Francisco.

Limited Liability

This is the most common reason for changing from a sole proprietorship/partnership to a formal business entity is to shield owners from personal liability whenever possible. Without entity formation, there is no legal distinction between a business and its owner. This means that owners are fully and personally liable for all debts of the business. If the company cannot pay a debt, the owner’s own assets and property can be at stake. Forming a limited liability company (LLC) or limited partnership (LP) can work to separate your debts and property from that of the company.


Consumers have many options when choosing a service or product provider. Many potential clients might see an “LLC” or “Inc.” in your business name as a sign that your business is established and less risky than a sole proprietorship. Often, entity formation can boost your reputation without making any major changes to your operations.

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