San Francisco Supply Chain Lawyer

Helping Companies Negotiate and Manage Complex Supply Chain Contracts

Reliable and cost-effective supply chains are essential to the smooth operations of many companies. When a domestic or cross-border supply chain fails to run as planned, your business may be without the resources it needs to operate, and it can impact your bottom line and cost you contracts.

At the heart of each supply chain is the supply chain contract, and too many companies fail to take the time to carefully scrutinize and understand the details of such contracts. To help prevent any interruptions in operations or loss of customers, you should always seek assistance from an experienced supply chain attorney.

Each supply chain is unique and, therefore, so should be supply chain contracts. Primum Law Group regularly helps to draft and negotiate supply chain contracts, which should include many key provisions, including:

  • Risk allocation
  • Pricing and payment
  • Material breach termination clause
  • Labor law compliance obligations
  • Social responsibility code of conduct
  • Subcontracting allowances
  • Contract term and termination
  • Renewal and renegotiation

A knowledgeable supply chain lawyer should always carefully negotiate key contract terms on your behalf and draft the contract to suit the needs of your business and industry. Primum Law Group can also help you conduct due diligence to avoid any conflicts or unforeseen impacts on your operations. If legal issues or contract breaches do arise, we can represent you in negotiation, arbitration, or litigation when needed.

Discuss Your Business with a San Francisco Supply Chains Attorney

Both domestic and international supply chains can be risky and complicated. However, the right supply chain contract can help launch your company toward success. A supply chain attorney at Primum Law Group will work closely with you to ensure your supply chain contract meets the needs of your business and to minimize risk. Please call 415.293.8042 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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