Outsourced General Counsel

Tired of the High Hourly Rates Charged by Big-City Attorneys?

Business owners or startup founders need legal counsel in the Bay Area to protect their businesses from unexpected surprises. They often do not need a full-time in-house attorney, but they nonetheless need a professional who is able to provide required legal services in a time-efficient, cost-effective manner.

Primum Law Group is the solution for this problem. Our attorneys can help with the huge range of issues facing small businesses today.

Primum Law Group’s attorneys aim to serve the needs of startups and established small businesses and provide Outsourced General Counsel services for a flat fee.

How Does It Work?

You have two options:

  1. Service-Based General Counsel Package.

During the initial consultation with you, Primum Law Group assesses your liabilities and needs, and provide you with a recommended list of services and the associated monthly fee for those services. There is no fee for the initial assessment.

  1. Time-Based General Counsel Package.

This is based on your needs and the number of hours or number of days per week during which we would handle all your legal matters.

Typically, General Counsel services include:

  • General day-to-day legal advice and counseling on general and industry-specific legal issues.
  • Preparation, review, negotiation of commercial contracts with customers, strategic partners, vendors, landlords, consultants, and other business partners.
  • Commercial contract management (implement standard commercial agreements/programs for customers, strategic partners and vendors, and establish standard contracting processes and controls).
  • Provide advice on real estate matters, including leases and buying and selling of property.
  • Corporate governance and secretarial services for parent company and all subsidiaries (i.e.: maintain Minute books and other corporate records, annual returns, etc.).
  • Draft/update privacy policies, terms of use and other agreements relating to internet operations.
  • General advice and counseling on intellectual property and proprietary rights issues.
  • General employment matters such as advice on hiring/termination decisions; review/establish employment policies; draft/review standard employment contracts, confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

What are the BENEFITS of getting one of Primum Law Group’s Outsourced General Counsel Packages?

  • Efficiency: get exactly what you need; no need to pay for any other time/services
  • Predictability: a fixed fee you can add to your budget
  • Counsel learns your business and your industry on their dime, not yours
  • Shift in focus from ‘payment for time’ to ‘payment for results’
  • Access to your counsel; the removal of barriers built by monetary risk
  • Build a relationship with your attorney
  • Align your business & attorney objectives

Your Outsourced General Counsel is a cost-efficient way to hire in-house counsel!

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