About The Founder

Svetlana Kamyshanskaya is an accomplished and resourceful professional with two decades of successful experience in legal practice and business.

Svetlana has an extensive experience providing full legal advice to businesses in connection with various corporate matters and advising clients on a wide range of commercial transactions, including international dealings.

She acted as a person who managed the start-to-finish process of different commercial transactions by advising on their structure to ensure compliance with applicable regulations to reduce potential risks. She negotiated and drafted contracts and acted as a liaison to cross functional teams.

As the result of extensive experience assisting clients with international legal and business matters she understands how much companies underestimate the importance of understanding the landscape of international law and how much they need to have a partner to help them with all legal aspects of commercial activity, especially when they are looking for new business opportunities.

Primum Law Group is the synthesis of Ms. Kamyshanskaya’s journey as a professional. With Primum Law she assembles nineteen years of bilingual, multi-cultural legal and business experience to work helping businesses expand their horizons and succeed in foreign markets. She likes her clients to think of Primum as their partner for business which creates the legal framework for their businesses’ growth and success.  Primum Law Group implements its founder’s motto “It’s all about action and reaction, anticipating the move before the move.”

As our world becomes more globalized Svetlana foresees greater opportunities for businesses and is very excited to provide legal support to them.


UC Berkeley, School of Law, Berkeley, CA, USA

Master of Laws (LL.M.), 2012

Additionally awarded Certificate in Business Law

Krasnodar State University, School of Law, Krasnodar, Russia

Candidate of Legal Science (Master in Laws equivalent), 2004-2006

Thesis: Limitations and Restrictions of Ownership Title to Land.

Volgograd Law Institute, Volgograd, Russia

Diploma with Honors (B.A. with Highest Honors in Law equivalent), 1995-1999


Russia, Bar Association of Krasnodar Region, Russia (1999) (currently active)

State of California, USA (Registration # 309408)

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