California Labor Laws that Companies Should Know in 2020

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California Labor Laws that Companies Should Know in 2020

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At the start of each new year, many laws go into effect in California that were passed the previous year, and 2020 is no different. There are several laws becoming effective in 2020 that will affect any businesses that have employees. If you employ anyone, it is important to be in full compliance with these laws and, if you need assistance doing so, you should contact an experienced business lawyer in San Francisco directly.

Stop Harassment and Reporting Extension (SHARE) – This law extends the deadline for reporting workplace harassment to the state to three years from one year.

AB 51 – Prohibits employers from requiring employees to sign an arbitration agreement that waives their rights as a condition of employment.

AB 673 – Allows employees to seek civil penalties if an employer does not pay them all the wages they are owed.

AB 749 – This law bans employers from included no-rehire provisions in settlement agreements with employees who brought complaints against the company.

SB 142 – Expands the responsibilities of companies to accommodate employees who are breast-feeding.

SB 188 – Employers are not permitted to discriminate against employees based on their natural hairstyle, including afros, cornrows, twists, locks, and more.

Health and safety – There are several laws with additional health and safety requirements for various industries, including those relating to blood lead levels, firefighter safety equipment, Valley fever, and more.

Every company should be familiar with the changes in the law and be prepared to implement necessary changes.

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